The Business Coaching Advantage™ Programs

Leadership Coach Training that develops capability to support leaders
who face complex challenges in a changing world.
Flexible, convenient distance learning options to fit your needs and your schedule.

Which program is right for you?

Our Business Coaching Advantage™ Programs offer robust coach training based on leading-edge frameworks plus practical coaching tools.

  • Discover how to blend the theory of business coaching with practical application to real life cases.


  • Explore leadership development in the context of the challenges facing leaders and organizations in a complex, changing world.

  • Experience a learning process that is interactive and integrates skills development with theoretical learning, and personal development. 

Start with BCA Coaching Essentials if you:
  • Have little or no previous formal coaching training.

  • Want an introductory program with quality and depth.

  • Want a fast track to an internationally recognized International Coaching Federation ACC (Associate Certified Coach) Credential

Learn more about the Essentials Program here
Choose BCA Coaching Advanced if you:
  • Have already completed BCA Essentials or have an equivalent level of coaching training and coaching experience.

  • Want to deepen your learning and enhance your effectiveness for coaching in coaching in the leadership business context.

  • Are interested in working towards an International Coach Federation PCC (Professional Certified Coach) Credential. 

  • Are interested in Continuing Education Credits to maintain your credential status. 

Learn more about the Advanced Program here
If you are interested in customized, in-house Coaching Advantage for Leaders training options:

Program Structure and Flow

Each part of the Certification Program is organized in two main elements, a coursework component and a practicum component. This integrated approach to learning about coaching while doing coaching helps accelerate learning, builds competence and enhances confidence.

If you want world class business coach training ...

Our programs offer you:
A solid understanding of what is involved in business coaching

Content that is internationally tested and proved, grounded in the theory and practice of business coaching, and with an extensive toolbox of practical models and tools.

Grounding in the skills and practices required for effective business coaching

An in-depth examination of the coaching process and the specialized skills of a business coach, with skilled mentoring and feedback to help you enhance your own skills.

Clarity about the best ways to bring your expertise to a coaching engagement

A focus on the client’s business context (outer world) and practical guidance on how to use specialized expertise as part of the process.

Understanding the factors that either help or hinder coaching success

Attention to the client’s personal context (inner world), its impact on performance and results, and practices to hep clients enhance their effectiveness. 

Insight into how to effectively facilitate change and learning for clients

Insights into different kinds of change clients encounter, and practical models and tools to facilitate learning and change as part of the coaching process.

Confidence that you can stretch and develop yourself 

Attention to both the coach’s and leader’s self-development, self-management and self-mastery, guided by core principles and practices.

Principles and practices for setting up a coaching program for success over time

A detailed guide for practice management that provides an overview of the coaching engagement and offers practical tools and tips for creating alignment, contracting, goal setting, review, and completion.

Credibility based on meeting the highest standards of professional practice

Recognition by the world’s top two coaching accrediting bodies: Worldwide Association of Business Coaches and the International Coach Federation.

Instructors who specialize in coaching in the business context

Faculty leaders who are internationally recognized authors and award winning coaches, who have deep and broad experience in business coaching as well as in coach education. 

A rigorous program that you can make work with the demand of your life

A convenient modular program with both face to face and virtual learning options, and the opportunity to self-pace for certain elements.

An enriching learning experience with a community of business professionals

A communal learning experience, supported by a dedicated website, where you can share your challenges and experiences with like-minded colleagues.

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