Overcoming Bias & Fostering Inclusion

Created by the PDLG team, and led by Donna Forde and Marina Sinclair, OBFI is a conversation that explores the question:

Given that we all have biases, how can you contribute to creating a culture of belonging that invites the fullest expression of yourself, your team, and your community?

This program is about finding your authentic way to make a difference in the work of inclusion. This program will ask questions to get you thinking, feeling and (hopefully) acting in a way that invites belonging. 

We created this program as an opportunity for people to come together in a process that will allow for deeper learning about bias, and for identifying new opportunities for each person to contribute in even more impactful ways to the creation of a fully inclusive future environment. 
What the process is all about

The process starts from an important assumption: That you value diversity and full inclusion for yourself and others, that you wish to avoid (unintentional) bias, prejudice, and stereotyping, and that you want to constructively contribute to creating/cultivating a world of full inclusion and equity for all. 

With this as the starting point, the process we will engage in involves three moves:


of biases, blind spots, and (un)intended “exclusions” of aspects of others’ identity and experience.


of the impact of biases, blind spots, and (un)intended exclusions of aspects of other’s identity and experience. 


to promote fuller inclusion and equity that follow from our deeper insight and understanding. 

About the program

This version of the program was designed as a response to the needs of our coaches. As coaches, we have an opportunity in every conversation to co-create experiences with clients that invites feelings of being deeply seen, heard, and valued. To engage in this work from a place of honesty and vulnerability, we must begin first with being open to seeing the expansive wholeness of who we are as coaches and how our lived experiences shape how we see and communicate with the world around us. 

This program was also designed as a response to hearing from leaders that there was a need to learn how to skillfully engage in meaningful conversations about inclusion that bring humility, vulnerability and effectiveness, and supports them in being in a mode of inquiry about themselves and their experience and the impact it has on how they navigate and make sense of the world around them. Broadening awareness and inviting new insight can create spaciousness for leaders to consider new ways of being in relationship with the world around them. 

Join us in co-creating the space where real change happens, in the honest and often uncomfortable conversations we have with ourselves and each other. 

*Qualifies for 6 CCE hours (5 Core Competencies + 1 Resource Development) toward renewal requirements of an ICF credential*

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Upcoming Program Delivery

10:00 am  – 12:00 pm EST

Dates: March 20, April 3, 17, 2024: Virtual Program 

Price: $495.00 CAD + HST

Special pricing available for BCA Alumni, contact us for details.